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Linen spray can be used in just the same way as a traditional, air freshener spray - by spritzing into the air to bring a pleasant, enticing smell to any room. This is a great solution for last-minute house guests, if you haven't had chance to thoroughly clean and air out your rooms before their arrival!

Our room spray eliminate unpleasant biological odors in your home. Unlike other sprays and deodorizers that simply mask the odor, our spray eliminates the odor entirely, its a odor killer!

Fragrance Notes:

Bite Me- blend of berry and cherry with vanilla base.

Mango Papaya- fruity blend of ripened mango and juicy papaya.

Honeysuckle Jasmin- floral, honey-sweet aroma, hints of violet and wood notes.

Strawberry Cheesecake- mouthwatering scent, notes of strawberry with tangy hints of lemon and orange peel resting on a rich base of vanilla.

Oh La Juicy- A tantalizing mix of wild berry and mandarin wrapped in the floralcy of summer gardenia, pink jasmine and honeysuckle enhanced by vanilla, soft woods and amber.

Bake at Home- this scent captures the mouth-watering bakery aromas of a homemade classic.

Caribbean- notes of creamy coconut, bold pineapple, fresh honeydew melon, and touched with a splash of tart cranberry.

Citron Mandarin- vibrant citrus fragrance, with top notes of grapefruit, lemony citron, and mandarin blend with touches of peach and orange.


Ingredients:   Water, Denatured Alcohol, Polysorbate 20 & Fragrance

WARNING: It may become slippery on floors. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If spraying odor eliminator on carpet or furniture, please patch test first